You have questions. We want you to have all the answers. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our HoodSpa products. We encourage you to review all the questions so you have a better understanding of why our products are top quality and easy to use.

How do I care for my hoodspa?

How does it stay on my vehicle?

How long will they last?

How is the quality?

Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece. From the hand-stitched edging to the strength of the straps. This fade-resistant material will last for years out in the damaging sun. The perfect HoodSpa requires perfect tailoring. Each of our HoodSpa's are assembled by our expert seamstress, ensuring quality and durability.

How do I know which wrap to order?

Our wraps are designed to stretch and fit your vehicle. We have models to fit your standard car, your car with the front grill built into the hood, a standard truck, a truck with the grill built into the hood, trunks, tailgates, SUV's, and door panels for two and four door vehicles.   When in doubt, call with questions [phone]

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